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Synopsis Product Details Delivery The German cockroach is considered to be the most resilient and ecologically important insect pest found in homes, apartments, and commercial facilities in the United States and across the world. This book expertly provides up-to-the-minute information about the behavior and biology of this pest--including taxonomy, distribution, morphology, and genetics--as it may relate to effective technologies for its control. Building on information presented piecemeal in books and articles appearing over more than 50 years, the book features over 1, references related to the German cockroach, most published within the last year.

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Thanks for supporting an Australian owned and operated business! Need Help? Newsletter Be the first to know, sign up for our newsletter:. Payment methods: Proudly secured by:. Copyright All rights reserved. Please sign in to continue. Continue with Facebook Continue with Twitter. Therefore, to design a treatment protocol without a housekeeping or sanitation variable can spell failure as an inevitable result in spite of all your hard work and efforts. My initial cockroach treatment is a two-day process. The first day consists of using a clear caulk to seal up unnecessary voids, cracks and crevices.

Why waste valuable dusts, sprays and baits in these areas when you can bury the pests alive? Once all possible seals have been made, the next step is cleaning and vacuuming. Just as this insect has evolved to resist pesticides in many cases, so has my treatment protocol.

German Cockroaches

Ancient methods dictated filling your compressed air sprayer with your best chemical solution and leaving no dry spots, followed by the application of a contact killing agent. I have alleviated the responsibility of cleaning from my customer and have included sanitation as a part of my service program.

Many customers become overwhelmed when you begin listing everything needed from them to assist you in eradicating the problem. But if you have included a cost for this type of service, this chore then becomes a checklist for them to revisit to ensure you have not forgotten anything. Sanitation is the foundation of Integrated Pest Management, and has substantial value. Cleaning fecal pellets from cabinet hinges and vacuuming egg capsules, caste skins and dead bodies is worth times its weight in gold to a grossed-out customer.

When you pull out a stove and clean its sides and back-side to eliminate hidden food sources, your customer sees you as the true professional you really are. Pulling out the refrigerator and cleaning behind and around it — exposing the disconnected water line, for instance — not only adds value to your service, but it ensures success for your program by eliminating an unseen water source.

Before and after pictures will serve to document the process for customers who may be too busy, or for landlords and property managers that may be miles or states away.

Yes, this procedure takes time, but rushing only promotes free retreats and dissatisfied customers. Day One of this process is time-consuming, but for those interested in solving the problem and satisfying customers, this is the route to take. Charge accordingly for your time and effort.

Most contact killing agents are compatible with Insect Growth Regulators IGRs , so mix the two and begin to invade known harborages and areas that could not be sealed. After all this, you should expect a population reduction of at least 50 percent.

Day Two of the treatment will incorporate monitoring of anything still crawling and the counting of dead carcasses. Now is the time to utilize all of your IPM skills and training.

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This information will be crucial in your report as to how effective your treatment has been, and to show evidence of reintroduction later down the road. On this second day of treatment, pipe chases, light switch and electrical outlet plates should be dusted. IGR placement discs should be positioned under sinks, the stove and the refrigerator. Monitors should also be strategically placed to avoid harm and to capture as many specimens as possible. Once all of the preliminary work has been completed, now you can administer tiny doses of gel baits.

It is very important not to expose the bait too soon after dusting to avoid contamination from drift particles. Although cockroaches are scavengers and eat from sources we may deem odd, disgusting or unappealing, they have a tendency to be very picky about baits. Therefore, to ensure the gel bait is as fresh as possible, administer tiny droplets of bait close to known or suspected harborages.

Your first follow-up visit should be within two to three weeks. While the standard may be every four weeks, to more accurately evaluate populations and gauge program effectiveness, the time frame between visits should be sooner. This frequency also discourages customers from reverting back to conducive habits and behaviors.

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Learn more www. The development of cockroach bait formulations more than 25 years ago revolutionized treatment protocols. No longer tasked with complex preparation and cleanup, PMPs reveled in the ease of use and increased efficacy of cockroach baits. However, overreliance on certain roach bait formulations has resulted in bait resistance and aversion to some popular insecticides, leaving PMPs asking questions about how to achieve and maintain high levels of efficacy.