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However because I had a lot to lose with Book Two, my retirement was running out , I had to get a marketing plan in place. I advertised on numerous promotion sites, some free, some paid. The freebies definitely helped with the blowout sale of Book Two. I hope that most of the 27K downloads for the first book will generate into sales for the second. Again, only time will tell. After umpteen years of trying to sell these two titles the traditional way with the big six—well big five now, I finally decided that enough was enough.

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I had to make my own dream come true. Other than the actual writing, what parts of the process do you do yourself, and what parts do you hire out? I hire out the cover design, editing, and formatting portions. But I just enlisted the help of my twenty-three-year-old daughter who just graduated from college and moved back home to help with finding free promotion sites and handling my newsletters. She did a great newsletter to announce the launch of Book Two, so we entered a kind of quid pro quo—as long as she continues to help, I make her car payments until she finds a job.

It depends. I take myself, and my daughter out to a nice dinner.

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I do indulge with a nice bottle of wine and some chocolate, too. I hope to have it on the selves in September No pets at the moment. I used to have a cat, but she died of old age a few years ago. I plan to get another in the future.

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Actually, Massimo, the hero in Book Three owns a big cat named Jabari. What was the first romance novel you ever read? Do you keep a series bible to keep the characters and the details straight? What form is that in? Why did you decide to indie publish?

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However, this has weakened its defences, and the ship is destroyed by human forces. The Doctor offers Donna the opportunity to travel with him. She declines, but suggests he needs a companion to keep his temperament in check. The Doctor refers to the "spaceship hovering over London" as seen in "The Christmas Invasion" these events given as having taken place the previous year , and to the Battle of Canary Wharf between the Daleks and Cybermen , as seen in "Doomsday".

However, Donna had not seen any of these events due to a hangover and a scuba-diving trip in Spain, respectively.

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The Doctor makes use of the Tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator , last seen generating a force field in " The Parting of the Ways ", to shunt the TARDIS to a different location once it lands. The tank commander who opens fire on the Empress's ship is heard to say that he has orders from "Mr Saxon". It also features in the spin-off series Torchwood , as a poster on the door of the Ritz Ballroom in the episode " Captain Jack Harkness " and features as the main plot arc keyword of the subsequent series of Doctor Who.

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Henrik's, the department store Rose Tyler worked in, and an employee holding an advertising banner for it, are featured in the background of the scene where the Doctor uses the cashpoint. In the series 4 episode " Turn Left ", a world where the Doctor did not meet Donna Noble but still fought the Racnoss is shown. In that episode, it is shown that without Donna there to stop him, the Doctor would have permanently died fighting the Racnoss, leading to a terrible world where Earth is devastated by repeated alien invasions.

Russell T Davies had the idea for this episode from the very beginning of his association with the programme, and he planned to air it in Series Two. With the public announcement of two Christmas specials and the private knowledge of Billie Piper leaving at the end of Series Two, Davies decided to elevate this story to the Christmas special, not introducing the new companion immediately, and filling the slot with " Tooth and Claw ".

The end of " Doomsday " is featured as part of the pre-title sequence, although the scene was actually refilmed. In his online podcast commentary for the episode, David Tennant explained that this was due to a change in lighting supervisors, and the one hired for this episode liked to light the TARDIS interior differently; the scene therefore had to be refilmed in order to match.

The Doctor Who logo in the opening credits has been slightly redesigned from the previous one, with more background detail and flare on the "lozenge" that the words "Doctor Who" sit on. For legal reasons, the production team made obviously fake banknotes for the scene where money comes flying out of a cashpoint. These had the phrase "There's no point being grown up if you can't be a little childish sometimes" printed on them, misquoting the line originally spoken by the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker , in Robot , "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.

Due to her extremely busy schedule, Catherine Tate was unable to be present for the script readthrough. As a favour, her part was read by Sophia Myles , who played Madame de Pompadour in the series episode " The Girl in the Fireplace ". In a podcast commentary for the episode, David Tennant and executive producer Julie Gardner discussed a sequence that was cut from the broadcast.

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Gardner said it was cut as it was too melodramatic a moment. Catherine Tate returned in series 4, reprising her role as Donna Noble as a full-time companion.

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Jacqueline King and Howard Attfield are introduced in this episode, and were both due to return in " Partners In Crime ", the first episode of the season. Jaqueline King did return but Howard Attfield died shortly after completing the shoot, and his scenes were reshot with Bernard Cribbins as Donna's grandfather. The song was performed by Neil Hannon , frontman of the Divine Comedy who had, coincidentally, appeared in a sketch of The Catherine Tate Show earlier in the year.

The song was previewed at the Doctor Who: A Celebration concert on 19 November at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, where it was sung by Gary Williams ; the studio version featuring Hannon is on the soundtrack album released on 11 December He also praised Tennant and Tate. Fickett was also positive about the way Rose was not ignored. It was definitely a puzzle worth investigating even for a short amount of time and Mei contemplated what kind of tests she could run on the girl.

The girl's condition, having piqued her interest, was now all she could think about but therein lies a problem It hurts Let go My make-up It was an arrangement in between us and one that I gladly accepted. The people here have been nice enough not to drive me out but I can't stay on their goodwill forever, can I? She wanted me to allow you to study my condition and of course, she promised me that no experiments would be done on my body. I take that you would honor that part of the bargain? I'm really scared of painful things, you see. I study to heal not to kill. Why would you even assume that I would cause you unnecessary harm?

She didn't like being compared to those insane doctors that used medicine as an excuse to quietly butcher people. Paving their way to success through blood and murder. I'll be in your care. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Aihara Mei is a beautiful and brilliant doctor with a distaste for social contact and an unhealthy fixation towards discovering the unknown.

A few weeks before her birthday, the doctor receives the gift of a lifetime, an interesting girl who presented her own afflicted body as a puzzle to solve. So, tell me the truth! Just get on with it. Chapter 1: A Gift for the Lovely Doctor 2. Chapter 2: The Doctor Is a Witch 3. Chapter 3: An Academic's Daily Life 4. Chapter 4: I Don't Quite Understand 5. Chapter 5: Call Her by Her Name 6. Chapter 6: A Savant's Worry 7.

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Chapter 7: The First Lie 8. Chapter 8: Between These Pages 9. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.