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Nor is it a "graphic novel," a comic book of traditional novel length. And while it is billed as an illustrated novel, it's not really that, either.

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What it most resembles is a children's book, a short story illuminated by pictures. There is a fairy tale quality to the prose, and a sense of fantasy imbues the illustrations.

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The story is a clever tale involving a fox and a Buddhist monk. It is set in some indefinable past, when the world was a simpler and more magical place. It begins with a wager between the fox and a badger about which of them can chase the monk from his temple.

But as the story unfolds, the badger disappears and the relationship between the fox and the monk takes center stage. He uses a postscript to explain how he came across the story and how its original form bore some "almost disquieting" similarities to his Sandman series.

Indeed, he has managed to make his most famous character fit seamlessly into the tale, thanks in part to the evocative illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano. Add to Basket.

A dark tale 'of enduring charm'

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The Sandman: The Dream Hunters

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Seller Inventory VIB Seller Inventory NEW Seller Inventory XM Condition: Brand New. Not so much a comic as an illustrated story, The Dream Hunters revives Morpheus and a few other familiar faces for an adaptation of the Japanese folktale "The Fox, The Monk, And The Mikado Of All Night's Dreaming," a bittersweet love story involving a humble monk and a self-sacrificing fox.

Sandman Dream Hunters

Gaiman has said that his interest in Japanese folktales grew out of his adaptation of the script for Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke , for which he did extensive research. It's little wonder, then, that The Dream Hunters , like Gaiman's past forays into world mythology, combines his own signature touches with an unmistakable respect for the culture he explores.

Yoshitaka Amano's illustrations, a seamless combination of the contemporary and the traditional, perfectly complement the graceful prose, itself a similar combination. It's been a pleasure watching Gaiman find success outside of the comics field and away from Sandman , but that doesn't make this return any less pleasurable.