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Little Symphony, Op. Symphony for Small Orchestra, Op.

Virumaa Suite, Op. Concerto for Chamber Orchestra No. Divertissement, Op. Andante 2. Concerto for Chamber Orchestra, Op. Grave 5. Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra No. Concerto for Violin and Symphony Orchestra, Op. Concertino for Violin and Orchestra No. Adagio 3. Allegro 7' violin, orchestra.

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Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra, Op. Concerto for Cello and Symphony Orchestra, Op. New version of the Cello Concerto Op. Mini Piano Concerto [Miniklaverikontsert]. Digitalia, Op.

Piano Concerto No. Allegro molto 2. Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, Op. Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, Op. Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra, Op. Concerto for Five, Op. Concerto for Flute, Guitar and Symphony Orchestra. Music for the Folk Music Ensemble, Op. Musical Moment 2.

Dance of the female collective farmers 3. Meditation 4. Estonian Waltz 5. Polka 6. Intermezzo 7. In the Dance Circle 8. Story 9. Dance ensemble of folk music instruments Manuscript. Games for 8 hands, Op. Piece for Two Trumpets [Pala kahele trompetile]. Piece Without Title No.

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Concerto for Violin and Organ, Op. Fragment for Two Guitars, Op. Piece Without Titel No. Nicholas' Church, Estonia. Concerto for Violin and Piano, Op. Allegro, Op. Sonata for Two Pianos, Op. Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. Piece with a Cadenza for Viola and Piano [Pala kadentsiga vioolale ja klaverile]. Piece for Violin and Piano [Pala viiulile ja klaverile]. Arranged by V. Badulina Cor anglais, piano.

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Three Etudes, Op. Caleidoscopic Etudes, Op. Piano Trio No. In terms of its musical themes and mood, the trio is similar to the Concerto for Chamber Orchestra. The same sort of vital, salubrious and joyful momentum, the same sort of rhythmic pulse and sparkle. Here, too, the first movement Allegro transports the listener into a whirligig of motoric rhythm.

The sprightly momentum is interrupted by the second movement Vivo — a spirited dialogue between strings and piano.

The third movement Andantino is short, but dramaturgically important. It is like an about-face followed again by the two previous movements in reversed order — the Allegro as the fourth movement and the Vivo as the fifth. The trio is successful in terms of ensemble writing — the parts are independent of each other but none of them tries to dominate the others. Artur Vahter.

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Vivo 3. Andantino 4. Vivo 5. String Quartet No. Allegro 14' string quartet Manuscript. Allegro molto 10' string quartet Manuscript. Espressivo 3. Moderato string quartet. Variations on the Theme by Hanns Eisler, Op. Piano Quintet No.

Jaan Rääts

Allegro 8' piano, string quartet. Music for Six, Op.

Sextet for Strings, Op. Sextet, Op. Sextet for Piano and Wind Quintet, Op. Audio Video. When I received a suggestion to write a work for four pianos and eight top Estonian pianists, I accepted the task with great interest. At the same time, I believe that the endeavour has both an artistic and athletic goal.

Musically speaking, everything could be expressed via one pianist and one piano. Still, the interaction between players and instruments which is now possible is much more exciting. As to how musically successful the work is, that will be evident in performances. Nonet, Op.

Beethoven Gold (Piano) by Ludwig van Beethoven| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. Meditation on a Theme by Mozart, Op. Prelude, Op. Piano Sonata No. Piano Sonatas. Autograph for Rein Rannap, Op.