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They are crucial for the production of a variety of metabolites, such as ethanol, butanol, lactic acid and riboflavin, as well as the transformation of chemicals that help to reduce environmental pollution.

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For instance, microbes can be used to create biofertilizers or to reduce metal pollutants. Microbes can also be used to produce certain non-microbial products, such as the diabetes medication insulin.

Microbes are microscopic organisms. They are used in many large-scale industrial processes. They produce chemicals such as ethanol, which is used as a fuel, solvent and for many other purposes, as well as glycerol, a common metabolite in food and medicine, and a number of other chemicals.

Microbes are also used in a process called bioleaching, in which bacteria leach metals such as iron and manganese from soil and sewage.

Bioleaching can change sediment structure, as well as create the potential to control water flow in aquifers and produce biomaterials of commercial value. Microbes, especially fungi, are useful as bio-fertilizers, by making nutrients more available to plants and increasing crop growth and yield. Microbes are useful in medicine as well. Recombinant DNA technology alters bacteria to create medications such as synthetic insulin for diabetic patients.

The ethanol that microbes produce is widely used as a solvent, extractant and antifreeze. In addition, it forms the base for many dyes, lubricants, detergents, pesticides, resins, explosives, plasticizers and synthetic fibers.

Microorganisms in Food

N-butanol, also produced by microbes, is useful in the manufacturing of plasticizers, brake fluids, extractants and petrol additives. Microbes and Infection publishes articles on human pathogens or pathogens of model systems.

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  5. However, articles on other microbes can be published if they contribute to our understanding of basic mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions. Purely descriptive and preliminary studies are discouraged.

    Reviews on recent progress in the field are commissioned by editors. Special issues focus on the present knowledge of a virulent microbe and the disease it causes, the immune response in infectious disease, or on critical issues relevant to the scope of the journal. Search in:. Home Journals Microbes and Infection. ISSN: Microbes and Infection.

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