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Dame Grief] info 3. Space Dust [Prod. Dozer Carter ft. Paul Wale on Bass] info 4. Question Mark Ft. Denai Moore [Prod. Louis VI] info 5.

The Lonely Road

Chasing Me [Prod. Feelin' Something [Prod. DMobbs] 7. Fly Pigeon Fly [Prod. Please Be There [Prod.

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In eight tracks, the London native fuses neo-soul inspired trap production with his personal lyrical analyses of the sometimes troubling real life state of simply being. Streaming and Download help. If you like Louis VI, you may also like:. Da Rocinha 3 by Sango. Another sub-shredding masterpiece showcasing traditional brazilian music and rhythm.

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One of Many by Eric Lau. Edits Vol 1 by Snips. A global collaboration results in funky, fantastic, and historically significant hip-hop. Each personal conflict and I have had quite a few has helped me to improve my professional relationship with that person, rather than destroy it. That character is my worst nightmare.

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Therefore, I watch myself closely in order to make sure I never become someone like her. For me, being humble and respectful is essential. I trust my team blindly until they give me multiple reasons not to.

People have my full attention until they lose my trust. All of my decisions are made in order to make the company better, more efficient, and successful over time. I am never led by personal gain. I love people.

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These are some of my biggest challenges and ways I have dealt with or still am dealing with them. For many years, I blocked out negative emotions. My goal was to never be angry, but guess how well that worked out! Instead of changing my emotions into something productive, I was trying to fight the emotion itself. I learned that anger is a basic human emotion. Humans feel angry or frustrated when their beliefs, values, and rules are compromised, and feeling angry is both healthy and natural. Now, I just acknowledge that I am feeling frustrated and analyze what it is that is making me feel that way.

Instead of wasting my resources on blocking these emotions, I try to work on a solution and the best way to address the issue in a productive and respectful manner. With more than campaigns running at the same time, we have a large team which in turn becomes a lot of ideas, opinions, and voices that all need to be heard and considered.

And, with so many talented, intelligent people in the same room, there is always going to be some personality clashes, office politics and differences in work styles among the group. As with any team, there are always many viewpoints and concerns to be mindful of and with that comes a lot of challenges for a leader like myself.

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  4. I work until I bring value to the company, and until the company brings value to me. However, letting people go is never easy. And the criticism, fear, and gossip that comes with it make the process worse. It also means accepting that I have failed to lead them or that I made a mistake when hiring them.

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    Because I am traveling up to days each year, my friends, family, and hobbies all come second after work. This is not healthy, which is why I started to change that. I have been in long-distance relationships for many years due to my work and travel schedule.

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    I have always been able to adjust my relationships to my schedule like meeting over the weekends, an easy enough work around to be able to and still have a great time. In my mind I thought otherwise, but the truth was the marriage commitment scared me to death. Once I was in a relationship with a perfect fairytale-like man and when he was about to propose, I got so scared that I broke up with him. Instead of constantly traveling, I decided to move permanently and spend time physically in the country I focus on the most: the U. With this move, my working hours changed from working from noon to 9 p.

    These days, I am taking up new hobbies, arranging brunches, and expanding my network outside of work, and when it comes to relationships, I have completely redefined what it is that I am looking for. I am focusing on myself, and have discovered that what I once thought I wanted is completely different than what I really need.