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Language alters our experience of time

University of Chicago Press: E. About Contact News Giving to the Press. Hyperpolitics Mauro Calise. The Second Birth Tilo Schabert.

Can language slow down time?

In his first essay, "Languages and Their Implications," J. Pocock announces the emergence of the history of political thought as a discipline apart from political philosophy. Traditionally, "history" of political thought has meant a chronological ordering of intellectual systems without attention to political languages; but it is through the study of those languages and of their changes, Pocock claims, that political thought will at last be studied historically.

Those paradigms within and through which the scientist organizes his intellectual enterprise may well be seen as analogous to the worlds of political discourse in which political problems are posed and political solutions are proffered. See More Close.

Does time work differently in different languages? - Hopi Time

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The urgency of climate crisis needed robust new language to describe it | Paul Chadwick

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Proactive Behaviors in Multinational Teams: Understanding the Role of Language and Time

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Time, imagination and language

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