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Notify me. Description This incisive study of the ethics of war is the only work to focus on the moral dilemmas of resistance and collaboration in Nazi-occupied Europe. Rab Bennett provides a comprehensive guide to the harrowing ethical choices that confronted ordinary citizens as they tried to survive the Nazi onslaught.

Bennett explores how the Resistance responded to German security policy that had at its foundation the doctrine of collective responsibility. He shows how Nazi tactics, including the systematic taking and killing of hostages, reprisal killings, and the destruction of entire villages, complicated the attempts of the Resistance to fight back.

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He also includes a detailed discussion of the controversial role of the Jewish police. In the Shadow of the Swastika tells the story of a Polish Jew whose harrowing wartime adventures reached their amazing end when he received the American Bronze Star from Gen. Mark Clark in June, Wygoda kept a journal during the time he spent in the mountains of northern Italy, where he rose from commanding a platoon to leading a division of nearly twenty-five hundred partisans that ultimately liberated the city of Savona.

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In , eleven years after his death, his children began their quest to share their father's journal and the rest of his story with a wider audience. Unique among Holocaust memoirs, In the Shadow of the Swastika celebrates the memory of a man who received decorations from three Western powers and who, years later, was honored post-humously by the Italian city he helped to liberate.