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But if you try them, let me know your thoughts in the comments below:. Disclaimer : Writing a post about this is pretty hard because every day these sites are are changing, going out of business or just disappearing. I cannot promise that the information above will be the same when you click on the link. However, in an ever quest to publish amazing content, please, by all means, contact me and let me know if any information has changed.

I will be sure to update the site so as to reflect this. Till then, stay frosty and enjoy!

Best Kindle Unlimited Books 12222: Biography and Memoir

Alrighty guys, well I hope you enjoyed this list. After you grab my personal favorite book promo sites below, check out the other fan-favorite posts:. Bonus : Want to know which book promotion sites are my personal favorites? Download my list of favorites and know which ones will give you the best ROI and be worth your time or money! Requirements and Notes Inkitt Free Yes Not only will they submit your book to their thousands of readers, they will also offer you a publishing deal worth thousands of dollars if their readers like it.

Fiction Only. The paid option offers a guaranteed spot on the home page and also various social media promotional boosts as well. Almost every genre imaginable found here. Also the option to list any permafree books you may have. Also offers a specific ability to promote box sets.

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Sends out to both email and social media. This Is Writing Free No Gets you an author page and even a guest post allowing you to promote your work.

Otherwise, nonfiction and children's books only. The paid option includes your book being promoted to over 60 Facebook groups. Paid option offers a larger amount of display space on the promo page. Topless Cowboy Free Yes Specializes in cowboy and western romance, but open to erotica and romance of all kinds. Other requirements are not stated. Book Angel Free No PG 13 content only, so definitely no erotica, but also no severe violence or other violations of their ethics.

Free Books Free No This service has a special section for permafree books.

If your book is permafree, it can have its own permanent listing page. Despite the name, this is the type of site which any bargain hunter might come across. No upfront info about which books are preferred. No clear information is provided upfront. Offers the ability to create an author page on the site in order to feature more of your work on a longer term basis. Good quality covers only. Paid listings are guaranteed, with more expensive options bringing a higher level of promotion. No specific requirements. So, get your book promoted to thousands of readers for free and even land a publishing deal through Inkitt.

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Next-day submissions accepted. Top-notch customer service. One of the few paid services to explicitly allow erotica no pun intended. Flat rate promotion, no complicated array of options to navigate and decipher. Horror and travel are at the cheaper end of the spectrum while fantasy and romance are the most expensive. The size of the email list used by the service differs per genre, as each list is targeted to specific genre fans. On another page, they also offer paid features as well.

Countless authors have reported huge success after being featured on Book Bub. The most popular genre on Book Bub, crime, has almost 4 million subscribers on the list.

The Jump from Job-land to Selling on Amazon

You can buy either daily, weekly or monthly packages, and have the option of choosing to promote to specific genre pages or to the whole site in general. Service claims to be able to reach up to , Kindle owners each day. Onsite calendar feature allows you to quickly and easily see whether it will be possible to promote your book during your desired time. If erotica, they'll only promote to certain sites that allow it. Also, allows you to submit an author interview for free.

You can promote your book for up to a month using this service.

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You can also choose shorter promotional periods, such as one day. Many other tools found on the site which may help with your promo efforts, such as a 'bookalyzer'. Extra payments can be made in order to be more prominently displayed on both the site and on Facebook. Also offers a specific Kindle India promotion option. You can choose the number of days your promotion will run, with very small price increases for extra days.

Ignite Your Book has a clean, easy to navigate website. Popular genres do better with Ignite Your Book's audience. You can choose to spread out your promotion on specific dates on each of the 5 sites or stack them all in one day. All genres of romance. More popular genres have a bigger list and therefore cost more. Choice of either being a 'featured author' or being the giveaway of the day. Books must have 5 reviews with an average of 4 stars and be over pages in length.

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Your cover must be professional. The fee buys promotion both on site and on social for one year. Genre Pulse prides themselves on 'not being fussy. Erotica is allowed but featured separately. Books must have a good cover and good reviews to be selected. No minimum reviews. This highly-rated hair tool pretty much does it all: it can straighten, curl, blow dry, create waves, or amplify volume. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. The best of Italian pop music right now.

That's why we did the research and found the best straightening brushes that actually smooth Best Curling Irons - Reviews, Comparison and Test Results. Our flat iron review puts our top picks to the test with a variety of hair styles and types to find the best choices for a wide range of needs. Full episodes online Explore the world of Swarovski Crystal. I will be unboxing it, so you will see my first impression of it.

Passer au contenu principal. Written by Robert Chalmers, narrated by Silvia Cecchini. A romantic and uniformed editorial series titled Heroics captured by photographer Paul Freeman. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places.