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Avoiding the stereotypes of black Americans in movies, Peele instead knowingly depicts them as a stereotype of a financially successful, socially stable, and cinematically average American family. Back at their summer house that night, Adelaide experiences premonitions—she tells Gabe that she feels that her double is out there somewhere.

Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.

Review: Jordan Peele’s “Us” Is a Colossal Cinematic Achievement | The New Yorker

Are they zombies or robots or creatures from space or figments of their imagination? The nature of bonds—social bonds, voluntary and involuntary connections of some people to others—is at the heart of the movie, the desire for solidarity with some, the intended or oblivious dissociation from others.

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In the Le Monde interview, Peele cited the soundtrack as another principal benefit of his higher budget. Designed by whom? It dramatizes this world, but with a twist—one that avoiding spoilers risks overturning conventional values and sympathies with ecstatic fervor.

The Scariest Female Horror Villains Of All Time

Helen and her best friend Bernadette Kasi Lemmons are conducting research into urban legends, which leads her to stories of a mythical serial killer named Candyman. Scoffing at first, she investigates the legend and the killings — and she learns that Candyman is indeed real.

Worse, he stalks her to the brink of madness and commits more murders that she gets arrested and institutionalized for. He was well-educated, came up in polite society and eventually became a talented artist who did portraits of fellow elites.

But when he fell in love with the daughter of a well-off landowner who became pregnant, her father hired hooligans to cut off his hand. After smearing his body with honey so he was stung to death by bees, the hired brutes burned Candyman on a pyre and scattered his ashes all over Cabrini-Green. Yet, despite his tragic death, the audience is not directed to be sympathetic towards this character.

We never learn his real name in the movie.


Candyman tells the tragic tale of the unjust death of an 19th-century black man … and then presents that same black man as a supernatural monster. It embodies 'bad feeling' but also offers a key to 'reading' the unstable relationship between the actual and the virtual.

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  8. It also tells us, finally, about genre, orchestrating a fluid movement between the restrained atmospherics of what Cynthia Freeland refers to as 'art-dread', and the raw power of graphic horror, between psychological anxiety and visceral embodiment. Copyright of Horror Studies is the property of Intellect Ltd.

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