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My father was a compulsive gambler all of my childhood. And from March to May of this year my children and I only saw my husband about 4 times as he was working a new job 3 hours away. And it was hard. On all of us. So thank you again!! LOVE this Article! I love to vent to other military mothers cause they understand. Not only are we swimming to the shore on day to day. We are away from our families. ON TOP of the worry! Is he okay? When will I hear from him? If he was here would we handle this situation like this together?

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Life is hard! Sometimes saying it helps us deal with it and its okay! I agree Lets embrace everyone has their own battles and support each other. Maybe the world would be a little brighter with more support and less ugly hearts! I enjoy everything you write its so spot on to my Day to day! Love love your blog on solo parenting! We military wives rock! The fact that my husband gets to travel the world without me kind of burns sometimes, so I totally get it. I have a hard. My husband works about 60 hours a week.

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  7. I was searching for something else when this post turned up in my results. I am not even a mother, but your post is exactly on point and is applicable across all walks of life. I thought, my struggles are mine. Yours do not negate mine. I wanted to tell you thank you for saying it out loud…. Your story matters. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Anger starts to creep in. I try to look past the hurtful words and see how I could improve. I refuse to share and give power to the really mean ones. That is how I feel about the feedback I got from that post. We need to just understand that hard is just hard and that we are all trying our best to cope.

    My story does not negate your story. And, we all fight hard battles. I urge you to think and do these two things.

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    We all have different battles, but we are all fighting. Approach with kindness. Approach with love. YOU matter. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. I was a Mental Health Counselor who worked with children and mothers in both individual and group counseling environments before I became a Stay at Home Mom to two boys.

    Latest posts by Amanda see all. Yes, yes! Thank you Shannon.

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    For example, I have to bend down to empty the kitty litter every morning. If I straddle the litter box and plant my feet on each side, I can execute a full body squat and work out my glutes.

    2. You have an all or nothing mentality.

    Cleaning out closets and cupboards is another task that I used to workout my shoulders and upper back. Lifting boxes in the garage is a good way to use your arms and back. Sweeping and mopping is good for torso action. These are things I can do throughout the day, for example, while taking a break from sitting and writing at the computer, at least every minutes. From what I read in the research about peak performance, recovery is a key part of fitness and necessary to build muscle.

    For seniors who are often rehabbing joints, it may be crucial for sustaining fitness and strength. Your email address will not be published. Hooray for Housework?

    Life is not a bed of roses, life is beautiful if you think positive, work hard until you get there, go hard or go home, etc etc etc etc……. But, every morning I came to my office , I come across a construction site and I see something similar to it. The place where I am working, just beside to our building, another construction work is going on. From morning till evening, I see something like this, many a times in a day. I visit my hometown every weekend, nearby our one of the farms, a Brick Manufacturing Plant is located where I visit every time and see something like this.

    The guy is the first Pic everyday gives me goosebumps and I feel a kick to keep going and moving on, no matter whatever happens, I have to make it a great day.

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    Women empowerment, the most debatable issues in this decade. These lady proves me that how tough a women can be. They all are mother of 2—3 children God bless them.

    I often see them smiling and laughing while working. All they teach me is to be tough, No matter what the circumstances are. My mother sometimes feel very low and demotivated due to some family issues, even few of my female staff members feel demotivated in same way.

    What I do, I just bring them in the balcony and show them these hard working women, wearing a smile. This makes me sad. I usually talk to that kid whenever I visit. Due to the early death of his parents he had to start working, He stays with his uncle but there is a younger sister, he is worried about so that is why he has to work These are his words.